Hommade Games

An independant game developer


Ball Through Blocks

Lead the ball through the blocks, collect points and avoid breaking blocks bigger than you. Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!


Fly the bird to collect butterflies and watch out the black crows! Fly freely on the wide blue sky ! how many butterflies can you collect ?

Funnel & Balls

Open the funnel with your tap and fill the cup with a variety of colored balls to reach higher scores! Be wary though, the longer you manage to keep up, the harder and faster it gets!

Bullet Master

Shoot all kind of bullets and hit all kind of targets. Colored and Sweet game experience with a lot of playing modes

Mysteria 3

Mysteria 3 is 60 levels of mystery and puzzles which is the next part of the mysteria 2.

Mysteria 2

Mysteria 2 is 60 levels of mystery and puzzles where you meet and interact with other characters which they deliver clues to pass through doors.

Mysteria 1

Mysteria is a reflexion, puzzle game that use hint and riddle to deliver to you an awesome user experience.

Taily Smiley

Move freely in the space by hovering and twisting a happy Smiley with tail and beware of the angry Smiley